Paramore’s After Laughter is an Evolution of Sound

Paramore’s newest album, After Laughter, was released on May 12, and might just contain the 2017 Song of the Summer.


Laura Hollis, Signing Off

When you’ve expected and come to accept the end of what has been a spectacular two years of entertainment, and then all of a sudden a bomb of epic proportions is thrown down at your feet, there really is not anything else to do except cry a lot, be happy and proud, and realize that... Continue Reading →

A Letter To A Representative

I wrote a letter to my representative and senator after the tragedy of the Pulse shooting in Orlando and with great sorrow, I have to say that neither of them responded to me. My closing sentiment was full of hope and my last bit of faith which was quickly lost as they failed. There was not even... Continue Reading →

What’s Fire? Wayhaught

Wynonna Earp came on the television scene in the knick of time this year and hinted at queer, specifically lesbian, representation from the start. In this time where the “bury your gays” trope has become a hard-hitting subject, Wynonna Earp has been a saving grace. Let’s just hope it stays that way. On Friday May... Continue Reading →

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