Rise: The Friday Night Lights Version of Glee

Five minutes into a screening of NBC’s Rise, which I was able to attend in the beginning of February, I leaned over to my friend next to me and whispered, “This is just a Friday Night Lights version of Glee.” Now, this is not a dig at Friday Night Lights and the panel afterward explained the... Continue Reading →


Laura Hollis, Signing Off

When you’ve expected and come to accept the end of what has been a spectacular two years of entertainment, and then all of a sudden a bomb of epic proportions is thrown down at your feet, there really is not anything else to do except cry a lot, be happy and proud, and realize that... Continue Reading →

A Letter To A Representative

I wrote a letter to my representative and senator after the tragedy of the Pulse shooting in Orlando and with great sorrow, I have to say that neither of them responded to me. My closing sentiment was full of hope and my last bit of faith which was quickly lost as they failed. There was not even... Continue Reading →


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