Ghostbusters: This Isn’t About You Anymore

I am angry today.
As a little bit of an explanation of why I am seething right now: angry fanboys. To be more specific though, the angry fanboys who have made it their agenda, have joined together in one force and made it their lives’ mission to degrade the new Ghostbusters film that is to premiere this Friday, July 15th.
To all of you entitled doucehcanoes who apparently think that it’s a crime against humanity when something is not created for the sole purpose of making you happy and lifting up your already heightened sense of importance:
First off, to you, the people being completely imbecilic, you’re digging your own graves. The movie isn’t even out yet. People have read the articles; they know what you’re up to. Most critics have actually enjoyed the film and the reviews are agreeable. You, tearing up the IMDb ratings before the film is out, is a beacon that those reviews are made by people with some stupid insecurity, who can’t understand that they aren’t the center of universe. No matter what you do, people are still going to see the movie. So, you’ve failed.
Unfortunately, most of the entertainment industry is geared toward straight, white, males. That leaves out the majority of people who live on Earth. That’s sad. And the very few times that someone is not interested in your stories that have becomes so boring and so repetitive, you lose your goddamn minds.
In the case of Ghostbusters, this minority group is females.
Sidenote: If you are not a feminist, you are a sexist. If you are in anyway terribly hurt that this movie is made and is a positive force for women…ding, ding, ding! You are a sexist.
Now, I don’t know the statistics around the world but I do know that the population of the U.S. holds more females than males. And yet, our entertainment industry excludes women from strong leading roles. Female-headed films and television shows, female directors, producers, crews – these are all things we lack. It’s a travesty.
Of course, there are people who notice this (most of them women) and work to close this gap. So we have shows such as Supergirl, Orphan Black, and Broad City. Those are a wide range of genres and topics that all depict female leads. Albiet the last two are definitely not for children so there is an even greater lack of strong female women for young girls to look up to. There are characters such as Rey from Star Wars, Annalise Keating from How To Get a Way With Murder, and Agent Peggy Carter from Agent Carter. For the latter though, the people on that project ruined her. They crushed her character into the ground and that is why the show was cancelled.
Now, someone was like, “Hey! Let’s make Ghostbusters but make the characters all females because that’s perfectly reasonable and women can do anything men can do. This will be another fun comedy of the year!”
And then it was like angry men crawled out of the holes they lived in to try to ruin everyone’s fun. You had your time. The original Ghostbusters movies were great. Yeah, they had their problems but they were fun and comedic. But you know what? I didn’t fit into that world. In those movies, I couldn’t be a ghostbuster because I’m not a man.
I CAN be a ghostbuster now if I so desired. But more importantly, the little girls all around the world who are excited to see this movie, also get to be ghostbusters. The little girls dressing up like Rey or Supergirl. The little girls who want to fight off the bad guys and capture ghosts. The little girls whose lives are affected by what they see in the media telling them what they can and can’t be (most of it negative or putting them down), they get to see all of the potential they have when they see these types of characters. These little girls can now don their ghostbuster uniforms and go out there and save the city.
If you would only look at the faces of these girls who have had the chance to meet their favorite character in costume or out of costume, you would be able to see just how much impact things such as these have of their lives.
This is no longer your childhood. Your childhood cannot be ruined by this movie because your childhood is over. No matter how childish you act, you are an adult and all people see is someone not able to be mature enough to act their age. You are a joke. People are not taking you seriously. But little girls? You strip them of the ability to have this movie and then YOU are stripping them of a childhood. You are ruining their childhood because they are still in the midst of it; growing and learning and changing and not understanding why the world decided they aren’t worth as much.
They are worth everything they are and more.
The affect this movie has on you is nothing compared to the affect this movie could have on the future generation of girls who will grow up to be beautiful and powerful women. Who will grow up with thick skin because of the likes of you. Who will grow up stronger than you can ever imagine.

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