Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why to… Not

Written by: Kenzie Tartaglione

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why left a lot to be desired. Not that Jay Asher’s book by the same name did much better. To be concise, it was a teenage melodrama with a convoluted, repetitive and unlikely story. It was a grim and morbid version of any Freeform drama, reminiscent of the tone of Pretty Little Liars.

The main character Clay (Dylan Minnette) has a crush on Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) who left behind tapes with stories about thirteen different people who caused her to commit suicide. Clay doesn’t have any levels or depths. He was in love with Hannah Baker and thinks he has the ability to love her back to life. This one part of his character has to pull the entire weight of the story. The book’s version of the events takes place in one night. And you think, how can one take events of one night and turn it into 13 hour-long episodes? The result is a drawn-out, mundane story trying to pass as a mystery. The execution is terribly unsteady.

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