Paramore’s After Laughter is an Evolution of Sound

Paramore’s newest album, After Laughter, was released on May 12, and might just contain the 2017 Song of the Summer.

“Hard Times” was the first single from the album and with its upbeat sound was an instant hit. The music video has a very 80s vibe and is reminiscent of “Saved By the Bell.” Other than being a little too short for my liking, it is probably the most dance song they have ever recorded with an extremely catchy riff. And thematically, it fits perfectly into their previous work. If Song of the Summer is what they were going for, they got me.

The second single, “Told You So”, is a callout to those who thought Paramore would fail when they moved away from their pop-punk beginning. The feeling is a back and forth between Hayley Williams and an unknown adversary. The song, like “Hard Times”, is infused with synths, making it more electronic than any of their previous sound. One downside is that it’s very repetitive, but it’s nice to know that this 80s sound is something that will pervade the entire album.

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